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Setup fees usually are not refundable. Each situation will be decided individually. If the applicant does not provide all of the basic business profiles required for account approval, the account may be denied. The Internet web design/structure used to promote the sale of products/services by applicant must provide ethical, logical, easy to understand verbiage guiding the visitor away from confusion and into an understandable buying decision preventing credit/debit card chargeback activity. Some, but not all, of the internet web site information requirements are as follows:
  1. business name as it reads on the merchant account application
  2. return/refund policy
  3. detailed contact information page
  4. a display of products/services with retail pricing information
  5. only one business name should appear throughout the web site. More than one business name causes customer confusion.
Once we are in receipt of your application, we will research your web site and/or other forms of advertising you have submitted and inform you of all that is needed to achieve account approval. It is the applicant's responsibility to make the necessary changes to his/her web site/advertising.

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